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Laura Forsythe

Position: Senior Travel Specialist | Email: laura@thompsontvl.co.uk

How long have you worked in travel?

13 years in November in Travel / working in Thompson Travel (since I’ve left school)


Why do you love working in travel/why do you love travel?

I have always had a love for travel and holidays, from I was young. I was always on the countdown to my next trip, and still am.

Working in travel is such an exciting, sociable and ever changing job. I love seeing people getting excited planning their trips, especially if it is for a big occasion.


Which countries have you visited?

USA (Florida), Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Cyprus, Caribbean Cruise, Med Cruise.


So far what has been your favourite holiday?

My family and I love to cruise.

We have cruised the Caribbean on our “familymoon” which was an ideal way to spend a week after the busy theme parks of Orlando.

We have also cruised the Western Mediterranean and next year we are looking forward to cruising the Eastern Med.


What is you dream holiday?

I have so many destinations still to tick off my list. I hope that my next trip on my bucket list will be New York. I had booked to go 12 years ago, but found out shortly after I was expecting my daughter. I still haven’t got round to going, I just need to sweet talk a few babysitters for 5 nights!!

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