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Why Travelling Alone Together?  By Sharon Fleming (Proprietor)

It is simple.  Not a sob story but a true one.  I lost my father aged 59 after a sudden heart attack taken in Israel in 2007.  My partner in business, my mentor and my father.  He travelled the world with my mum and it left a huge hole when he passed.  I am sure some can relate to same.  

Death has a funny way of making us consider how others must feel when they are alone and to my shame, it only really affected me when it came to my own home.  BUT everything happens for a reason or that is what we say!

After a few years, I began to realise how many of my current travel customers whether widowed, divorced or single and were looking for someone to travel with, somewhere to go and not feel alone but at the same time independent. We also have travelers who have a partner at home who just doesn’t travel.

That is the start of Travelling Alone Together.  As an established travel agent and tour operating, specializing in cruise and group travel, it was just a matter of putting together trips that would suit the people who wanted to go.

‘Turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans’

It is a big step to go on a holiday like this.  Getting to know people, wondering if they think like you, like what you like to do.

If you don’t go, you will never know.

Some of us are more independent than others – all we ask is that you are ready to accept others and have a brilliant time!

  • Hate airports, security and all the documentation required
  • Not sure of destination
  • Safety
  • Dining Alone
  • Just want to be sure someone behind the scenes is taking care of things

We arrange groups that will be led by a representative of Thompson Travel.  They are not tour guides, just someone to take the worry out of airports, transfers, hotels and check-ins.  They will arrange local excursions for you, co-ordinate meals (if you fancy it).

All you have to do is turn up!

From time to time we avail of excellent offers for singles in hotels, cruises or other escorted tours.  We will advertise these and you are free to join, knowing that other travelers’ wishing to do same holiday will be with you.

These work brilliantly on cruises as dining can be arranged together, excursions etc. but you are still free to do your own thing.

Depending on the departure airport and where everyone is joining, we do facilitate transfers to/from a local meeting point to the airports.  That being said, if there are only a few people wishing to travel this may be a taxi fare.

When the group numbers are reached we will then advise everyone their options for travelling to the airport.

Yes, many of our customers have friends or family who wish to leave them at the airport. As long as we know to meet you at check-in that’s fine.  Other use the local transport to/from their own town.

On an escorted tour, the leader will arrange a meeting time for breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening.  You are free to join them or do your own thing – just let them know so they aren’t waiting for you.

Dinner may be served in a hotel or arranged at a local restaurant.

You will never know until you go.  When people first meet at the airport they are all assessing the group.  By the time you reach the second day they are usually socializing, laughing over lunch and quickly making new friends.

Remember you have to be able to look after yourself and be fit to travel.

Not at all. It is for any individual.

We are not a dating agency either, but who knows, we may have to arrange our marriage license too!

It is for all ages as long as you are fit to look after your own personal needs, can look after your belongings and be able to have the level of ability required for the trip you book.

Our trips are bookable through our agency branch (Thompson Travel International).  Caroline McCavanagh deals with all queries and bookings.  She works from 9am – 3pm and will be able to answer most questions on calling.

T: 028 38 394489

YES.  A lot of our clients are involved in walking groups, women’s groups and men’s groups.  We are happy to come along and chat to your group on what we do.  Just give us plenty of notice!

Not at all. All of our prices are based on single rooms at very good prices. Single rooms are always limited at hotels so we work on a ‘first come, first serve basis’

Our intention is that you meet someone you like travelling with and so the option always remains to share.

Have a look at the itinerary before you go as we often pre-arrange some excursions for you.  In most cities we book the ‘open top bus’ as this is a great way to get your bearings. You are free to head off on your own and explore or join the leader on locally arranged trips.

On most longer duration and further afield tours, they are fully escorted and entrance fees are normally included in the itinerary. Our staff will keep you right about destinations.

Alison was chosen for her role because of her sociable, caring and bubbly personality. She is well travelled and familiar with destinations she leads.

We want you to be independent but if you are happy to stay with the leader for meals, trips and explorations, she will be there for your comfort.

Depending on the destination, breakfast is normally included. Evening meals are often included on cruises and on sunshine breaks.

Where evening meals are not included, we will guide you regarding local restaurants or arrange to meet for meals.

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