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Sharon Thompson

Position: Owner | Email: sharon@thompsontvl.co.uk | Tel: 02838 394489

How long have you worked in travel?

25 years


Why do you love working in travel/why do you love travel?

I love organising holidays and trips for clients and then seeing them return after the best experiences abroad.  Sharing experiences of destinations and knowing where to send clients gives me great satisfaction.  St Augustin said 'the world is a book' and I want to read as many chapters as I can.  'Those who don't travel read only only one chapter'


Which countries have you visited? 

Austria Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Canaries, Balearics, USA, Canada, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Vietnam, Israel, Egypt, France, Germany, Norway, Greece, Jersey, Dubai, 


So far what has been your favourite holiday? 

I would find it hard to choose between Vietnam, South Africa and Israel


What is you dream holiday? 

My dream holiday is somewhere I can relax for a while and explore for a while.  I would like to go to the South Pacific and New Zealand but will wait until I can take long enough to enjoy it.  Japan is on the bucket list and my absolute dream would be to take the Trans Siberian express from Russia to Outer Mongolia.


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