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Amy Campbell

Position: Trainee Travel Specialist | Email: amy@thompsontvl.co.uk

How long have you worked in travel?

Just over a year!


Why do you love working in travel/why do you love travel?

I get to give others opportunities to experience their dream holiday and then knowing they will make unforgettable memories.

Why I Love travel: I love to experience different cultures and learn about countries/places from the people that live there. I also love travel because you can see/do a range of things that you may not necessarily see/do at home.


Which countries have you visited? 

America, Spain, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Majorca, Mediterranean cruise


So far what has been your favourite holiday?

America (road trip on Route 1 from San Diego to San Francisco)


What is you dream holiday? 

A trip around Asia – Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam etc or Mount Everest Base Camp Trek


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